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Advantages of Early Orthodontic Treatment

The most beautiful, natural looking smiles are those that develop naturally with ideal space. If the jaws are matched to each other and the face, and the teeth are matched to the jaws, the resultant smile will be healthy and attractive. Early (interceptive) orthodontic treatment aims to encourage ideal smile development through dental arch development and functional appliances.

The advantages of Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment are as follows:

  1. Improved appearance, self-esteem, and confidence from a younger age

  2. Identifies and corrects harmful habits that distort the jaws and face

  3. Reduces snoring and tooth grinding leading to better sleep

  4. Reduces the need for extraction of permanent teeth

  5. Improves nutrition through enhanced chewing efficiency

  6. We are able to guide the growth of the jaws to permit the permanent teeth to erupt into proper alignment

  7. Reduced time with braces on the teeth

  8. Young patients are often finished with their braces when their friends are just beginning.