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Straighten Your Teeth

Teeth are crowded or spaced for one reason — the size and shape of the jaws do not match the size of the teeth. This can be treated in one of two ways. Historically, teeth were removed to make space for crowded teeth. Now it is
becoming more popular to avoid extractions and develop the size of the jaws to allow the teeth to align.

Early diagnosis and treatment allows us to provide the most conservative treatment and produces the most ideal results. Accordingly, we recommend that every child have an orthodontic screening by age 7. In this way, we can intercept an orthodontic problem and allow the teeth to erupt with less crowding. As a result, less time is spent with braces on the teeth.

Dr. Douglas is continually taking courses on current trends in interceptive and non-extraction orthodontics. “I have a real passion for orthodontics. It represents the most conservative way to produce a natural looking, beautiful smile.”

Advantages of Early (Interceptive) Orthodontic Treatment

How We Make Space

How We Align the Jaws to Improve the Profile