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To Maintain Your Healthy Smile

Have you ever admired someone’s smile? In a magazine or on television? Studies have shown that one of the first things that people notice is the smile. A healthy smile conveys more than just health, it also conveys a sense of youth and confidence.

In dentistry, we are primarily focused on the prevention and treatment of two diseases that affect the teeth — cavities (caries) and gum disease (periodontitis).

We have developed oral healthcare programs that are suited to the individual needs of our patients. Together with our certified dental hygienists, we will custom tailor a program for you with the goal of maintaining your optimal health. This typically includes oral hygiene instruction, dental hygiene therapy and lifestyle coaching.

We have special programs designed for children and teens. We understand that children and teens have different motivational influences than adults. Accordingly, the way we deal with children and teens is much different than how we deal with adults. For example, we can apply sealants to the back teeth of children and teens that are highly effective at preventing cavities.

Our certified dental hygienists together have over 30 years experience in our office dealing with patients of all ages. They regularly attend advanced continuing education to improve their skills in order to remain at the cutting edge of oral healthcare. The products and techniques that we recommend have shown to be effective in scientific studies and are not based on marketing hype.