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Veneers are custom fabricated, thin (0.5mm or less) facings of porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth.

They are used to improve your smile when the teeth poorly shaped, discoloured, and crooked. They are also used to conservatively strengthen a heavily restored front tooth.

Case 1

The teeth are severely discoloured with large unaesthetic restorations.

Case 2

After all the teeth were whitened, veneers were fabricated on the 4 upper incisors.

The incisors are discoloured and have large restorations. The wear has resulted in flat incisal edges and sharp corners that leave an aged appearance.

The teeth have been restored with 6 veneers that provide ideal shade, size and tooth form. The incisal edges are rounded providing a more youthful appearance.

These photos have not been retouched. Although the teeth on the right look more yellow in appearance, this is mostly due to camera exposure. Notice how the gums look more natural to the photo on the right compared to the left which is slightly overexposed.