Your smile is at the centre of your health and well-being.

What do people notice first when they meet you? 31% will notice your eyes, but 47% will notice your smile (source: USA Today December 2010). Since over 50% of all communication is non-verbal, smiling provides others with a positive first impression of you (source: Forbes Magazine). Those who smile frequently are perceived as being more confident and successful. They are also better at encouraging others to co-operate with them.

Smiling also helps us deal with stress and enables us to think better when performing complex tasks. Stress hormones are reduced while endorphins and serotonin are released (which make you feel better). In fact, smiling is 2000 times more potent than chocolate at triggering the pleasure centre of our brain.

Those who smile have happier marriages and live longer. Studies also show that smiling can make you live longer by up to 7 years. It lowers blood pressure and strengthens your immune system thereby making you healthier. In addition, smiling makes those around you happier as well.

When you smile, you appear younger. Researchers studied how people perceived the ages of individuals who were smiling, had no expression, were frowning or showed other expressions. Those who were smiling were perceived as younger compared with no expression, while frowning made subjects look older.

Smiling also benefits those around us. When you smile, the world smiles back. This is because smiles are contagious and when you smile, studies have shown that you lift the mood of those around you.

We know smiles.

We know what makes an ideal smile and how to achieve it. We also understand that a healthy smile is more important to your overall health than most people realize. We are committed to creating and maintaining beautiful healthy smiles with meticulous attention to detail.

We also know that natural tooth structure is the strongest, most beautiful substance for your smile. Anything manmade is not as strong nor aesthetic, so we aim to create and maintain your healthy smile naturally while preserving natural tooth structure whenever possible. These concepts are now becoming a guiding principle in dentistry but we have been practicing them for over twenty years.

We also believe that the status quo in dentistry can be improved. There is always a better way of doing things and we are always seeking that better way.

We carefully consider each individual’s needs and concerns and will work together with you to find the treatment option that you are most comfortable with.

At Mimico Dental, we invite you and your family to join ours. We have been serving the needs of families for over twenty years. During that time, we have developed a reputation for providing excellent dental care in an environment that is friendly and relaxed. Many of our patients comment that “it is not like going to a dental office, it’s more like visiting family”


The Importance of Your Smile

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