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To Restore Your Smile

The restoration of a tooth is as much art as it is science. We apply principles learned through education, research, and experience to restore teeth to their original beauty. We are constantly reviewing the materials and techniques used to provide beautiful, long-lasting restorations that function like the original tooth.

We believe strongly in conservation of tooth structure. Air abrasion is a technique that allows us to remove the carious lesion without using a drill or (in most cases) local anaesthetic. We do not simply fill teeth, we restore the tooth to its natural form and aesthetics, while minimizing the loss of sound tooth structure.

These same principles also apply when a tooth is lost and needs to be replaced.

Here are some examples of our work and technology:

White Fillings

Small Cavities Without Needles (Air Abrasion)

Repair Chipped Teeth (Bonding)

Strengthen Weak Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth