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What is a Beautiful Smile?

A beautiful smile means something different to everyone. There are however certain features that are common in all beautiful smiles.

The perfect smile begins with perfect lips. The lips are the fram
e for the smile, so the teeth and lips must blend harmoniously together. The lips should be full with slightly more fullness to the lower lip. The width of the widest smile should be about half the width of the face.

The teeth should fill the smile. There should be no dark shadow areas between the teeth or at the corners of the smile. The contour of the teeth should follow the contour of the lower lip when smiling. The contour of the upper gum line should follow the contour of the upper lip. At rest, 2 - 4 mm of the incisors should show. With a full smile, the upper lip should rest close to the gum line.

The teeth should be straight and white. The front two teeth (called central incisors) dominate the smile and be centered in the face. Their width should be 80% of their length. When viewed from the front, the next tooth (lateral incisor)should be 0.618 times the width of the central incisor. The next tooth (canine) should again be 0.618 times that of the lateral incisor. This follows the golden proportion that is seen in beauty throughout nature.